Does Testosterone Really Help Men Become “Manlier”?

Testosterone is a hormone found primarily in males which induce certain masculine characters and is vital to men’s health. For example, it helps achieve and maintain the typical muscle build and bone density that is associated with the male form as well as maintaining a healthy need to copulate. While testosterone production is highest during early adulthood and gradually diminishes with each year further down the line, a very low level of testosterone can cause several health issues. Over the counter drugs and prescription drugs, like Alpha Male XL can be used to bring testosterone levels back to normal with regular and measured usage.

Low T, as it is sometimes called, can show itself in a variety of health disorders. For example, one of the primary reasons for early male baldness and sudden hair loss has been found to be caused by a drop in a man’s testosterone level. Another very common symptom is increase in body fat without any reason. This body fat is also very difficult to get rid of without the proper diagnosis and will continue to grow and may create other health issues such as diabetes and cholesterol. With the sudden increase in body fat, the bone density and muscle mass can also take a hit, creating a three-layered problem.

The physical body can be the least of their worries for some people. Fatigue and sudden, sometimes violent mood swings, are also a sign of testosterone problems. A lack of focus and lethargy with marked changes in sleep habits can manifest, leading to further withdrawal. For men, being assertive and dominant is seen as an asset. Once testosterone levels are regulated, several medical studies from have reported that the patients are more inclined to do better financially and take more risks in their businesses. They are also more inclined to working out, spend more time grooming and taking pleasure in being more physically attractive.

The evolutionary aspect of the hormone to having regular or even above average testosterone levels is to wow the ladies. Men with higher testosterone are seen as more capable and protective partners. Not only are they more likely to protect their family and provide for them, but they are also more likely to produce stronger offspring. Testosterone levels provide libido in both men and women, though its decrease affects men more severely in the form of erectile dysfunction or having little to no interest in the act. Men with higher levels of testosterone are more willing to make the experience more pleasurable for the woman, which in turn, makes the act more attractive.

Though testosterone is not the only thing that makes a person a man, it does help tick certain physical and mental attribute boxes with regards to how other people might perceive them. Supplements like Alpha Male XL can aid someone suffering from low T levels to avoid health risks in the long run while helping them regain a normal testosterone range. Testosterone levels do naturally decrease as a man gets older, so experiencing some of these symptoms to some degree cannot be avoided. However, regular doctor checkups, including running blood tests can help with early diagnosis and intervention.

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